Baby Shower Cupcakes 101

Baby Shower Cupcakes

There are two kinds of baby shower cupcakes you can give: the edible kind and the non-edible kind.

How to make regular cupcakes for a baby shower

Cupcakes recipes are all over the internet. What will make your baby shower cupcakes unique is the way you present them. You can get a disposable baby shower cupcake stand at the party store for very little. Pay attention when you create your baby shower cupcakes to the color and theme you are going for. A nice presentation with baby shower party favors added in your cupcake stand will give the beautiful finishing touch.

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Baby shower cupcakes

You can choose ready-made cupcakes or bake your own for added personalization to your gift. The top cupcake on your cupcake stand can be unique and reserved for the future mom. You  can decorate your cupcake stand with ribbons, lace, baby shower party favors, etc Use whatever you feel will make your cupcakes stand-out. It is best to wait until you have arrived at the baby shower to set-up your cupcake stand to avoid any accident that would spill your beautiful cupcake stand display.

How to make non-comestible cupcakes for a baby shower

We all know about baby shower diaper cakes but have you thought of baby diapers cupcakes? You can make cupcakes with newborn diapers easily by folding a newborn diaper and putting it in a cupcake paper mold. You can also use baby facecloths, baby socks, etc to make your cupcakes. You can add lace, ribbons and all the baby shower party favors that you wish to make your non-comestible cupcakes stand-out.

If you decide to bring non-eatable cupcakes, it might be a great idea to also bring a cupcake stand full of delicious regular baby shower cupcakes as people will have worked-up an appetite by seeing your mouth-watering non-comestible cupcakes!

If you are short on time, getting ready-made baby shower cupcakes is a very acceptable alternative. You can display them on your beautiful baby shower cupcake stand and no one will know!

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