Being pregnant and giving birth in a pandemic time

With the coronavirus-19 still active, many women are going through their pregnancy and birth with fear. They are concerned for their unborn or newborn baby. Will it be exposed to the COVID-19 virus? Will they live a life of repeated lockdown? Will they suffer from social distancing and become asocial beings?

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In Montreal, for a short period of time during the COVID-19 pandemia, some women had to give birth alone. Their partner saw the delivery through cell phone applications and videos. The fact that some women had to give birth unaccompanied because of the fear generated by this novel virus rapidly generated a movement of protest that got the hospital to change its policy.

Women could now give birth accompanied by one person provided that this person used the necessary precautions like gloves and mask, etc

pregnant mother
pregnant mother

How will the bond between the baby and the parent who missed the birth be affected& Only time will tell.

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