Choosing your baby’s name: 6 tips to consider

Choosing a baby name for your child is almost like choosing his identity. Ever heard about the association of a person’s name with his personality? Some children get teased their entire life because of their first name. A name molds a person’s identity like a cookie-cutter. So, better get that best baby name for your son or daughter. Read on for some tips on how to provide that best baby name for your little angel.

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1. You do not have to follow traditions if you don’t want to, especially if the grandparents have old and awful names. Choosing the right baby name does not have to always rely on what your relatives decide to be the best baby name. It is your baby’s name, not theirs. So, better act like it. Once your baby is born he will be stuck with that baby name for life. That means it’s not wise to just settle for any baby name that will suit your parents or inlaw’s taste.

2. Try saying your baby’s name. Your head and heart will tell you right away if your choice is right. Also, look at people’s expression when you tell them the name you chose for your baby. Their face will reveal a lot. Do not forget to try saying your child’s name with the family name. Sometimes name sounds great but sounds like a stutter when put together with the family name.

3. This may sound funny but do not forget to check what the baby’s name would be in initials. Again, from a teasing point of view, some people find goldmines in initials.

The same goes for nicknames. Some names are easier to transform into horrible nicknames while others can be even cutter when shortened into a nickname. Make sure you go through all the possible combinations and soundimg of your baby’s chosen name.

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4. There are tons of baby names books and websites to help you if you have trouble finding a baby’s name. The odds are good you might surprise yourself asking perfect strangers what their baby’s name is.

A word of warning about being too creative with your baby’s name like many celebrities are. Your baby will have to carry that name for the rest of his life (unless he files in court to correct your excentricity later). Being cautious not to name your child anything that sounds like an object or will have him spend a good part of his life spelling or answering other people’s questions is not a good legacy to give him.

5. The same goes for very creative spelling of regular names. Being too creative on thinking of a baby name can backfire, I’m telling you. Examples are too unique spellings. It will be hard for the kid to keep on spelling his or her name to people who only know the common spelling of such name.

6. Unless your partner absolutely does not care, both parents should be involved in choosing the baby’s name. Not the neighbor or the grandparents. Ideally, you will end up with a list of a couple of names for when the baby comes. Do have more than one name available because sometimes a name that you have chosen might not suit the baby or a relative might decide to name her baby born the day before yours with the name you told her you absolutely adored!

Also, even if you know the baby’s gender before it is born, it is wise to keep a list of the other gender baby name, just in case.

Decide with your partner in coming up with the best baby name for your sweet baby. It wouldn’t be nice to be always blamed when people ask who chose that awful baby name, right? Choosing together is the best way to further your bond as a couple, not to mention the possibility of coming up with a better baby name. Remember that the “two heads are better than one”  applies for finding the most suitable baby name for your baby.

Sound, appeasing relatives and friends, and avoiding embarrassing initials and discovery of disgusting meanings are some of the major concerns that should be considered when choosing your baby’s name. Have fun with it. You are given an important choice for your baby’s life. Happy baby naming!

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