Giving birth naturally can be safe and comfortable |

Studies show low risks with natural childbirth outcomes – with risks being greatest when interventions are used. Many women experience pain during childbirth. However, women who take the Hypno-Baby course report a very comfortable and positive birthing experiences. Over the last 40 years medical advancements have made giving birth safer for women than ever. The advancement of medical technology has its benefits, but has resulted in some complications for mothers and newborns.

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Not every pregnancy is the same. Every mom or baby is unique in its needs. Therefore care should be individualised to each individual pregnancy and family in order to best meet the mother and child’s needs. Anatural analgesia such the ones shown in the Hypno-Baby course can help reduce pain and lower the use of opioids in pregnancy. Relaxation techniques have also been shown to reduce discomfort associated with labour by reducing the length of the ‘stress’ phase of labour.

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The Hypno-Baby® Method is a simple, natural approach to childbirth that anyone can learn and practice that prepares a woman’s body to give birth confidently and comfortably.

Giving birth naturally can be safe and comfortable

“Imagine giving birth in an atmosphere that is clean, private and comfortable. Now imagine being able to experience just that, thanks to new birthing beds that have been designed to meet mothers’ needs during childbirth. Called a Birthing Bed, these innovative beds create a safe space for each mom to give birth in a private room, in a minimally disruptive manner, thus ensuring her baby is safe and healthy before he or she is even born.”

Natural childbirth offers many benefits for the mother and the baby

According to a study published in “Obstetrics and Gynecology” in 2017, natural childbirth has many benefits for the mother and the baby, especially if it is planned, as opposed to a medical emergency often seen in hospitals. Children born to mothers who gave birth naturally were happier later in life and had lower obesity rates versus those born by caesarean birth. More families need to prepare themselves for this way of giving birth. There are many options when it comes to choosing a midwife or obstetrician to help with a natural delivery. Families can contact a doula and follow the Hypno-Baby course for support during the pregnancy to help provide emotional and mental preparation. Also, mothers should make sure their routines are as stress free as possible with exercise and relaxation through yoga, massage, meditation and, of course, everything she will learn in the Hypno-Baby program to ease them through the labour process.  These steps help to make the birthing time more comfortable for the mother and her baby as well as allowing the child to bond with its parents right from the birth.

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