How to avoid a c-section: tip#1

Avoiding a c-section: first tip


Your first tip on how to avoid a c-section is to check your doctor’s c-section’s rate. If your doctor hase a high c-section rate, the odds are good that you will have a c-section rate.

You should also ask yoiur doctor if he works in a group and what is the group’s c-section rate.

If your doctor refuses to tell you his c-section rate or gets offended, that is a red flag that it might be high.


how to avoid a c-section tip#1


Choosing carefully your health care provider has a lot of bearing on your overall chences of having a c-section.For instance, women who are followed by a midwife have about a 10% chance of having a c-section. There is a certain bias as midwives usually do not follow women who have a high-risk pregnancy.

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