How to beat the pregnancy fog

How to beat the pregnancy fog 

There is a condition called “pregnancy fog” which is described as the lack of memory and sensible reasoning in a pregnant woman. This condition is not even recognized as existing by the medical community. The lack of concentration and absentmindedness in pregnancy is also referred to as “pregnancy brain” or  “momnesia”.

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Regardless of the fact that the medical community might not recognize it, many pregnant women experience certain degrees of lack of concentration and memory. This condition could have many causes some that you may improve.

Top eleven ways to beat the pregnancy fog:

  1. Get plenty of sleep. Pregnancy is a period for most women where discomforts, anxiety, or other elements interfere with the time spent getting deep sleep. All the tricks against insomnia such as exercising, relaxation, an approved infusion, having the proper bedding and support such as a soft body pillow can all alleviate the lack of quality sleep during pregnancy thus keeping at bay the pregnancy fog.
  2. Drinking plenty of water. Many women spend their pregnancy in a level of dehydration. A person needs to be well-hydrated for her brain to function optimally. Drinking plenty of fresh water is essential during pregnancy.  Just don’t drink too much after dinner as you might end up going to the bathroom during the night which would then cause a lack of quality sleep and pregnancy to beat the pregnancy fog
  3. Cheat a little! Writing lists can be of great help to beat the pregnancy fog.
  4. Rest a lot. You have a growing human being inside of you so this process is taking a lot of your energy. Give yourself breaks and rest as much as you need. If you have never tried it, a pregnancy nap can be a great way to get all the rest you need just make certain it does not interfere with your night’s sleep.
  5. Eat healthy food. Your growing baby is taking a lot from you besides your energy like your calcium and your iron. ‘make sure you have a balanced diet that covers all your needs and your baby’s in order to avoid suffering from “momnesia”,
  6. Let go of perfection. It’s okay not to vacuum as often. Let dust hang around. The same applies to meal preparation. Have the rest of the family help you in daily household tasks.
  7. Have a routine. If you place your daily objects in the same place, this will help you find them back. You don’t want to be that pregnant woman who finds her keys in the fridge because of the trick pregnancy fog played on her brain.
  8. Laugh about it. There is no need to get upset when your pregnant brain plays a trick on you. After all, the stress you impose on yourself is more damageable than the initial oversight. During my 25 years of medical practice, often pregnant women showed up late or even on the wrong week for their appointment. We would just laugh about their pregnant brain’s little trick.
    how to beat pregnancy fog
  9. Set-up alarms and reminders on your phone, tablet or computer reminding you of important dates and anything you should remember
  10. Play brain games like Rummy, puzzles, or cards. By exercising and keeping your memory sharp, you will lower your risks of suffering from momnesia.
  11. Give birth! It is speculated that a big part of the pregnancy fog would be caused by hormone imbalance. Blame it on the hormones again! By giving birth, your brain would recuperate from the changes it went through (only one small study suggested that phenomenon)                                                                          Natural childbirth course