How to choose the best baby shower cake

Baby Shower Cakes

A party isn’t a party without cake, and a baby shower is no exception.  In fact, when it comes to baby shower cakes, women get so creative like baking this beautiful and easy pink and blue cake by Betty Crocker. You just need  4 ingredients: 

  • 1 1/2 containers Betty crocker vanilla frosting, Rich & Creamy
  • 1 box Betty crocker white cake mix, Super Moist
  • 1 Food colors, Red and blue

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You can easily top your beautiful baby shower cake with all the cute decorations you can get at any Dollar Store like little rubber duckies, baby boots, baby toys, rattles, etc.

Baby shower cake

You can easily prepare your cake manually or treat yourself to a beautiful mixer which will last you years and will be very handy when the times comes for you to prepare your baby food or cook for your entire family.

You can always surprise the mother to be by arriving with a regular cake and a diaper cake! Diaper cakes are made from baby diapers that have been rolled, tied with a bow, and then arranged in a way to form a cake.  You can get very creative and decorate the cake with baby facecloths rolled in roses.  You can either use a base for the diaper cake or hold it together with beautiful ribbons or even receiving blankets.  You’ll be amazed at how realistic they look and you may mistake them for an edible cake at first. Since their arrival, diaper cakes have become increasingly popular at baby showers and they can be hand crafted or purchased.   One thing that showcases the beauty of diaper cakes is to use them as centerpieces during the baby shower.

If you are rushed in time or not very crafty, buying a ready-made diaper cake is a solution.

Keep in mind that even though sugary cakes are a pleasure to eat, most people attending the baby shower will be reluctant to eat too much such. Getting low sugar cake options is a great way to have your cake and eat it too. Using such elements as sugarless Jello or Stevia are great alternatives that can lower the sugar and calories and make your cake a sure hit.

You can also decide to bring colorful cupcakes and have fun decorating them. People will be wowed when you walk-in with your colorful presents!

Baby shower cakes are easy to do and require minimal time. You can start from scratch or use a cake mix and color it to your fancy.

If you go for the diaper cake, or both, then you will be giving the mother to be a useful and beautiful gift. You can also use to diaper cake as a center piece.  If  to create your own diaper cake, you will need roughly forty to sixty medium sized diapers for a three-tier cake.  Then, roll the diapers and tie them with  ribbons. Be careful not to break the diapers as they will be used later… You will then wrap the rolled diapers with tulle or ribbon, making sure to secure the layers tightly. You can decorate your cake with baby facecloths, rolled towels, and rolled receiving blankets, etc.  If you want to create a beautiful tiered cake, you can use a platter for the base of the cake. When you have arranged the rolled diapers in a circle and secured them with the ribbon, you will assemble them in layers.  If you like, you can use a baby bottle, or stuffed animal that compliments your theme on the top of the baby cake.  Use about thirty rolled diapers for the bottom layer, abut seventeen diapers for the middle layer, and about eight diapers for the top layer.  Decorate the cake with any accessories that you like and secure all layers with  beautiful ribbons.

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