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When choosing and buying baby clothes you need to strike a balance between practical and cute, fashionable and comfortable, need and impulse, and night and day. All of these considerations in choosing baby clothes are made worse by the fact that babies grow so quickly. You do not necessarily buy to fit now, but to fit for the next few months if possible.

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When buying the first baby clothes and even with follow up shopping as the baby grows, it can be helpful to remember a simple rule: The Rule of Three. Your baby will basically need three types of clothes: daytime clothes, night wear (or sleepwear), and clothes for going out.

The baby sleepwear will likely outweigh the other categories, as sleeping is what babies spend most of their time doing in the early stages. But how do you decide how many to buy of each? That will depend on how often you want to do laundry but you will soon find a level that suits both your routine and the level of cleanliness and smartness you want for your baby.


The clothes you have for your baby to wear around the home should, most of all, be comfortable, easy to access for changing diapers and simple. These are the clothing articles that your baby will spend most of his/her time in, so they are bound to get dirty. When the baby dribbles, brings up milk, crawls around on the floor, or does any of the other messy baby activities, these clothes are going to bear the brunt of the mess. Because of this you will probably not want your baby to wear the best outfits, such as special gifts, around the home all the time.

The best clothes for day to day needs are probably simple body suits. Onesies is a brand name, but the term has stuck as a description for this type of one piece baby wear. You will probably need between five and ten of these one piece baby suits to keep on top of daily requirements.

Sleepwear or Nightwear

Baby clothing for sleeping should meet some of the same needs as the daywear, at least in terms of comfort and accessibility for changing. If you live in a warm climate you may be able to get away with using similar clothes night and day. However if you live in a colder region with colder nights then a warmer version of the day wear would be needed or heavier knit pyjamas or similar sleepwear. It is all common sense and it will not be long before your baby tells you in no uncertain terms what she is comfortable in and cannot stand!

Special Occasions

For outdoor baby wear the parents have a chance to dress the baby up to look smart and nice and this is where some of those baby shower gifts may come into their own or the baby clothes that have taken your eye at the local department store.

These items should still be checked for their practicality, making sure that straps, snaps, bows and so on do not interfere with diaper changing or cause any discomfort to the baby. You can, though, show off a bit, and it won’t be long before baby wants to dress up to go out.

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