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In planning the decoration for your baby room you will probablygive attention to detail. The room needs to be eye catching to people who visit as well as pleasing to you and comfortable for the baby; a well lit room can be beautiful if it does not affect or strain the baby’s eyes and at the same time you need to consider how you will use the room, attending to the needs of the new baby and plan the room layout and decorations appropriately.

The furniture needs to assist the baby to sleep well and eat comfortably. A comfortable crib, high chair, a table or stand to keep baby items together, those items such as clothes, diapers & a changing table which is not too high nor too low.

The crib needs to be strong & durable and free of all rough edges and unnecessary protrusions; of course the paint must not be lead based. make sure that there are no decorative items which could knock the baby’s head or any other part of its body. There are cribs which have a one side or two side openings; you will also find cribs which are convertible & portable. Some cribs have a cradle design with a gentle rocking motion to help your baby drift off to sleep.

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The decoration of the room probably should have the color combinations & schemes which complement / blend with the furniture you choose. Use good carpet and interesting wallpapers – choose wallpapers which could attract your baby’s eye such as cartoon characters and animations. An alternative to wallpaper is a simple plain solid color of paint, and changing the color later is much easier than changing wallpaper, so consider this when you are planning the decoration.

Inexpensive area rugs used on cork or wood floors are attractive and easy maintenance. Hard floors are less messy and they don’t attract allergies or dust and you can easily replace the rugs at any time in the future as they become worn, whereas carpet is more expensive to replace. Photo frames and lamps holding pictures which will interest your baby are another decorating idea to consider.

Windows in the baby’s room need attention; use curtains that end at the window sill – if they reach lower, to the floor for example, they could be pulled by the baby especially when it is crawling. Ensure the window covers you use – curtains, blinds or a combination of both – block out the light to help the baby drift off to sleep easily.

The decor of the baby room is not a difficult job and all you have to do is be aware of the baby’s safety and comfort.

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