How to conceive a baby girl naturally

How to have a baby girl?

 Having a baby girl

The Shettles’ mehotd was developped in the 1960 and was a big hit then. Basically, Dr Shettles who wrote a book “How to choose the sex of your baby” said that to have a girl, you have to have intercourse with a penetration penetration 2 to 4 days before your ovulation.


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Unfortunately, later studies contradicted his hypothesis and actually showed that your chances of conceiving a girl would be less than if you did nothing (according to one doctor).

In short, it is really not clear that you would have more luck than just hoping for a girl.


how to have a baby girl


Whatever you do, do not conceive a baby just for the sake of having a girl. Just accept that you do not have full power over such things as your baby’s sex.

You also have to realize that if you follow Dr Shettles’ theroy you might be missing on the days where you are most likely to conceive!

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