How to create a baby registry

Baby registry made simple

Wondering where to register your baby I’m sure you have seen the new trend of creating baby registries for couples that are expecting a child. The idea is to create a website with a list of all the items they hope to get as gifts, and friends and family browse through the website to find items that they would like to buy. It makes gifts easy-peasy for the lucky couple, and provides fun shopping adventures for other shower attendees.

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Start looking at what to buy, what brands to trust and when the time came to register. If we were having one of everything we would have nothing! It’s impossible to know exactly what you’d need with baby gear so it’s great to get your friends and family opinions on what worked for them, people always seem enthused about telling you how horrible everything was so they can give you their recommendations.

The easiest to create a registry is to create a Facebook group and invite your friends and family. List as many items as you would like and make sure you specify which model you want. Ideally, give a link to Amazon or another online store. People can then decide which gift they will give you by signing-up under the item. this way, you will avoid getting the same gift twice. A registry is particularly useful if you plan on having a baby shower. If you run out of ideas, you can never have too many diapers just make sure that they are of different sizes, not all newborns.

Baby registry

Create a baby registry with the best newborn baby products, from cribs and car seats to maternity clothes and toys. Add items from top baby brands, see what friends and family buy from your list, and manage your wishlist.

Register all the things so they’re ready when you are: From cribs to strollers and electronics, find the best brands for your baby registry at Amazon.

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