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Teaching Your Baby The Social Skills Needed

Your baby’s first year is filled with many challenges and new experiences for for both him/her and for everyone in your family. One of the many things that your baby is going to be learning in his first year is the ability to socialize and get along with others and the first place that your baby is going to learn to socialize with others is within your own family. You should also be exposing your baby to playmates and other people outside your immediate family in order for him / her to learn communication and interaction skills at as young an age as possible.

It is never too early to let your baby enjoy social activities and the earlier you teach social skills to your baby the better his social skills will be when he is older. You should consider getting out with your baby a several times a week so that you are both interacting with other parents and babies.

Your baby won’t really play with other babies but will be stimulated by being around other babies, and some minor skills will commence such as hitting, touching or grabbing each other. Babies won’t participate in a playing activity until they are toddlers.

baby social skills

Here are some points you may want to consider:

Try to expose your baby to as many social settings as possible, with family, with friends, in the park, at a sporting event, etc.

Taking your baby out is a great way for you both to have a change of scenery and vary your daily routine. Your baby will enjoy going out with you whether you are just going to the store or joining a parent-baby exercise class at your local recreation center. He/she will be excited and stimulated by all the new faces, voices and settings encountered on the adventure.

Find a local parent / baby playgroup to join. Your baby will enjoy watching other babies and children while you interact with old and new friends. The more social settings that you take your baby to the more broader his world becomes.

Taking your baby to a playgroup or for a swim at the pool gives your baby the chance to be part of a larger group and he/she will quickly learn that the smiles and coos used on you at home get the same response when you are both out. Your baby will learn that he can have a positive impact on others around him as he gets the response that he is looking for.

There are many things that you can do in your own home so that your baby gets the socialization that he needs. Have your baby sit with you at the dinner table whether he has been introduced to solids or not. This is a great way for your family to spend quality time and for your baby to watch as others interact around him.

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