Membranes sweeping 101

What is membranes sweeping?

Sweeping the membranes is usually done at term by either your doctor or your midwife in order to help you get contractions and help your cervix mature. Some women do it in the hope that it will induce labor but that is not proven.

Membrane sweeing consits or an internal exam but instead of just checking the cervix, your doctor goes a little further and unsticks the membranes from the interior wall of your cervix.

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What does it feel like to have a membrane sweep?

Since it is a deeper cervical exam, it might be uncomfortable. You ahve to know that sometimes, a membrane sweep might cause some of your mucus plug to come out and some light bleeding.

If you have a membrane sweep and you start bleeding red blood to the point of needing a feminine napkin, you should call the maternity ward.

A Cochrane review of medical studies evaluating the effect of membranes sweep at term, concluded:

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Be aware that anytime during your pregnancy, you might have a leak and should consult right away as there are measures that can be taken to protect yourself and your baby from prematurity.

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