Natural birth with the least interventions

Natural Childbirth options

Natural birth is still a possibility now but you have to prepare yourself. You can plan a natural birth with your partner and discuss the options with your caregiver but you will need to equip yourself with tools that will enable you to go through labor naturally. The good news is that you have nine months to prepare yourself to master methods that will make you comfortable during labor thus limiting your need for interventions.

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Hypnosis is a great way to give birth naturally and very comfortably. There are different courses that you can take to prepare for a natural birth like Hypno-Baby.

In an advanced state of focus and relaxation, hypnosis may help prevent intervention by giving the woman control over her body. Hypnosis makes use of the power of suggestion to induce a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. The complete Hypno-Baby course will help you achieve incredible levels of comfort.


You can also take a pre-natal Yoga class, prepare for a water birth if that is something your health care provider offers.


Hydrotherapy is a pain relief technique where a laboring woman enters a tub of warm water. It may be an inflatable pool, or an acrylic “hot tub” style pool. The warm water helps a woman feel more comfortable, and has even been called “the midwife’s epidural.” The water also cushions the pressure of the labor on the woman’ s body. Some hospitals offer hydrotherapy, and it’s a popular choice for homebirth and birth center births. Inquire if it will be possible for you to labor in the tub or even give birth in water.

Many women combined very successfully giving birth in water and using hypnosis for natural birth as the two go hand in hand. Hypnosis for natural childbirth goes well with all other pain management methods like sitting on the big exercise ball or massage therapy.


Gentle touch during labor can help some women relax. One way it can help a lot is to provide counter-pressure to the lower back. As the baby begins to descend, its head can press against the vertebrae of the lower back, which can create uncomfortable pressure. But massaging and pressing against the lower back through each contraction can make the mother comfortable especially if she goes in self-hypnosis at the same time.


Most birthing centers have their own physioballs, these huge inflatable balls that you can sit on or lean against. If you took some pre-natal yoga, maybe you have your own exercise ball that you can bring to the birth. It helps to sit on the ball during labor as again it reduces the pressure on the mother’s pelvis as the baby makes its descent especially if the mother does slow rocking movements of her pelvis.

How to prepare for natural birth


This technique makes use of the traditional Chinese concept of meridians, or channels on the body. Applying pressure in the right places can bring significant pain relief, some women have claimed, and facilitate labor.


Something like hypnosis but not as “deep,” visualization exercises help the woman to picture key images that result in greater relaxation and “loosening” of the body. Although you might not get as good results as if you had followed a complete hypnosis for natural birth course, simple visualization can help you get through labor naturally.

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