Natural childbirth: pros and cons

There are pros and cons of natural childbirth. The biggest pro is that you are not exposing your unborn baby to chemicals that could affect him. There are also sides effects for example to the epidural like a sudden drop in blood pressure which makes the mother feel like she is going to faint. Furthermore, that drop of blood pressure causes a drop of blood flow in the placenta and is responsible for so many baby’s hearts crashing 10 to 15 minutes after the epidural resulting in an emergency c-section.

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The second pro of having a natural childbirth is the immediate bond that is established between the parents and the newborn. The mother is also able to breastfeed rapidly after birth providing her newborn with colostrum rich in antibodies.

Breastfeeding baby

The other pro is generally a faster recuperation because with a cesarean there is a scar and holding her newborn might be painful for the new mother. There is also less risk of complications for the following pregnancies as c-sections cause scars in the uterus and the placenta has a higher chance of implanting itself low or in the uterus muscle which could both cause hemorrhages.

Another pro of natural birth is the fact that the birthing partner can stay with the mother-to-be and participate more in the birthing process.

Most women who give birth naturally feel a sense of complete joy and pride of having accomplished such a task.

Well, since there are so many pros, the cons will have to wait for another post.

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Nathalie Fiset, M.D., C.H.

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