Pregnancy Secrets second part

Pregnancy secrets part 2

The second pregnancy secret that almost nobody will tell you is that most pregnant women have doubts about their capacity to be a good mother. The reason this pregnancy secret is not out in the open is that it is pretty much taboo for a pregnant woman to admit that she is uncertain of her capabilities as a mother.

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Unfortunately, keeping such a huge pregnancy secret guarded has the vicious cycle effect of isolating pregnant women more thus making them afraid to ask for guidance in their new role.

In the past, when a woman got pregnant the entire family and village would chip in to support and educate the mother to be. Now that society is more individualist and pregnant women do not live with their parents, they lack the confidence and do not access to the extended family wisdom on maternity.

Pregnancy Secrets

Pregnancy secrets

I hope that more and more people will realize that the pregnancy secret of women going through their pregnancy with doubt should be addressed. Otherwise, expecting women will turn to misinformation in books or will have trouble bonding with their newborn babies. By revealing this pregnancy secret, I hope that women everywhere will realize that they are not alone and that there is absolutely no shame in asking questions and for help.

Honestly, the help and wisdom of another parent who has the experience of having taken care of a baby beat any book on the subject.

Some pregnancy secrets need to be revealed so pregnant women everywhere get empowered in their capacities of giving birth and taking care of their baby.

More pregnancy secrets will follow on future posts

Nathalie Fiset, M.D.

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