Should I get a fetal doppler?

Fetal Doppler explained

A fetal doppler is essentially a handheld ultrasound device that is used to listen to the sounds of a baby’s heartbeat. The device sends out high-frequency sound waves (usually inaudible to us) that bounce off the baby and then return back to the fetal doppler where its sound is filtered and amplified for your listening pleasure.

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You have to know what kind of person you are before considering buying a home fetal doppler. If you are the anxious type, maybe listening to your baby’s heart every minute will cause more anxiety than help. Also, you have to know that especially when the baby is small, it can be hard to hear your baby’s heart with the fetal doppler.

If you are more relaxed, listening to your baby’s heart when you don’t feel it moving as much can be reassuring. But then again, rubbing gently your belly or sipping orange juice (assuming you do not have diabetes) will have the same effect.

Home fetal dopplers did not exist until recently so they are not essential and should be considered more as a fun element.

The fetal doppler is easily portable and convenient, allowing you to take it anywhere you go. And we also include a set of headphones so you can hear the baby’s heart beat no matter where you are.

The device is quite small and fits in the palm of your hand. It automatically starts when placed against the skin. The sound quality can be likened to a high-pitched whooshing or a motorcycle engine revving, and that’s what makes it so cool.

In my medical practice, I have had many of my patients bring me their home fetal doppler to show them how to use it and to try and find the best place on their belly to find the baby’s heart. Some devices were impressive and actually compared well to my thousand dollars device. Others were cheaply made in plastic and did not render any valuable sound to my patient’s biggest disapointment!

Fetal Doppler

A home fetal doppler is an easy way to get access to the heartbeat of your unborn child at home. Most professional options are very expensive, and many people consider the purchase of one to be a luxury that they cannot justify. A fetal doppler gives you the option to listen to your baby’s heart beat at home, with no monthly fees associated with a service. You can use the doppler on multiple babies as well.

Doppler is an ultrasound device, which helps the pregnant mothers to hear the heart beats of their babies as well as for at home fetal movement. It was developed in the 50s by Dr Arthur Yanoff in the form of a used truck’s exhaust. Nowadays, there are many versions are available in the market according to your budget and need. So, if you are planning to buy a doppler, check these home fetal dopplers.

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