Top 10 baby items that should not be bought second hand

Some baby items should not be bought second hand. Here is a list of the top 10 ones.

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  1. Diapers! Joke aside, even cloth diapers should not be used second hand. Even when washed thoroughly, the savings are not worth exposing your baby to unsanitary conditions.
  2. While you can buy a good portion of your baby’s items second hand, it’s important to be smart about second-hand purchases or gifts. For example, while you really can buy a second-hand crib that conforms to today’s guidelines, it’s not a good idea to try to recycle your used crib that you had as a baby. Toss aside the sentimental value and coldly look at the risks you would be exposing your baby to like lead paint, the dangerous spacing of the separations etcThe same goes for the crib mattress – Baby crib mattresses aren’t expensive, but they do get dirty. While they can be whipped clean, it’s much better to just get a new crib mattress. In fact, it’s not even legal to sell a used mattress. It’s very hard to get everything off a crib mattress such as baby poop, vomit, and whatever else gets on it.3. Car Seats – The rules for car seats have changed recently and you never know whether the person before you had a wreck with the car seat, or whether it’s been cared for properly. You can buy a safe car seat inexpensively by looking for sales.4.Breast Pumps – Some people do not see the danger of using a used breast pump. It’s very hard to fully clean them, and diseases can be transmitted through breast milk.5. Formula – Sometimes people have extra formula and try to sell it or give it away. It could be perfectly fine, but you don’t know what someone you don’t know is doing to things without your knowledge. If you know someone who wants to give you some formula that isn’t expired, that’s one thing, but don’t buy it used from a stranger.
    Some baby toys should not be bought used

    6. Dangerous Toys – Some older toys are dangerous and have caused accidents. The safety regulations have changed over the years and you should be up top date on them. It is always easy to search for a toy’s safety online before buying it. Many older toys just aren’t safe. If your grandmother wants to give you a bunch of old toys, check them out thoroughly. What was considered safe 20 years ago has proven to be unsafe today.

    7. Bicycle Helmets – As soon as you want to put your child on a big wheel, or bike they need a helmet, but helmets go through a lot of damage, wear and tear. They’re not that expensive, so just be on the safe side and buy all protective equipment brand new.

    8. Shoes – Too many conditions can be transmitted through used shoes. You’re better off buying your child brand new shoes, and you can do so cheaply. Shoes for most infants that have no foot problems should be flexible and soft so that they can use their feet in a natural way, which means you don’t need expensive ones anyway. Most of the time, they outgrow them before they get used so it is not worth investing loads of money on baby shoes unless your baby has specific needs.

    9. Bedding – Rules have changed about bedding too. One year bumper pads are a thing, and the next year you learn they’re a choking hazard. Most babies should not use pillows or anything that could wrap around their neck at night anyway. Crip sheets are so cheap, you do not want to be stingy and save a couple of bucks on used sheets.

    10. Walkers: even though you can still find them at flea markets, garage sales, or on ads, they are proven to be extremely dangerous (especially around stairs) and there have been some fatal accidents.

    Mostly, please understand the current guidelines for your baby’s safety before buying anything used. Your baby’s safety is the most important thing and saving a couple of bucks is not worth it.

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