What is the difference between hypnosis and sleep?


Sleep and hypnosis are not the same

Everyone knows what sleep is. On the other hand, hypnosis can be a mystery to many. Hypnosis and sleep are similar states as the person is relaxed with her eyes closed. The difference is that in hypnosis the person is not sleeping. she is just highly focused and relaxed.

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The goal of hypnosis is to push away the critical part of the person’s mind so we can present suggestions that will be accepted by her subconscious mind. The main goal of sleeping is to just rest the mind and body.

It does not help that the word hypnosis means “sleep” in ancient Greek. And it does not help that older hypnotists used the word sleep forcefully to induce hypnosis in their clients.

Hypnosis and sleep are different
Hypnosis and sleep are different

Sleep and hypnosis are similar in some ways

Hypnosis and sleep have been separated into similar categories according to the brain waves that were measured in those different phases like Alpha, Beta, Delta, etc.

People can go from hypnosis to sleep if they are too tired. Their mind and body just grab the occasion of being so relaxed to slip into sleep. When suggestions are presented to a sleeping person, her subconscious mind will rarely register them and assimilate them.

Every human needs sleep and most everyone who have experienced hypnosis, use it on a regular basis as hypnosis is a natural state of mind and a very peaceful experience where suggestions can be accepted for a better life!

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