What will my newborn look like?

Newborn baby look

When a baby comes into this world, she’s brought a mystery that’s already difficult to fathom: she’s a unique little person with a different personality and temperament to every other person in the world, and she’s going to be hard to understand. From the moment of birth, she’s a blank slate for the world to form their impression of. How does she look? What’s her personality like? Does she have dark hair or light hair? Does she like the color blue or purple? Will she be good at math or music? What will she be like in a couple of years?

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A baby is the most perfect creation, and there is no more beautiful thing in the world than a newborn. The new addition to any family, it is only right to take pride in the growing child and be excited about your newborn.

Some parents are surprised to see their baby the first time around. Its face might be blue, its fingers and toes might be also blue. If the baby’s trunk is pink and the professionals taking care of your baby tell you that the blue color is normal, rest assured.

Look of a newborn

If a baby is born before its full term, it might be covered in vernix, a thick white cream that is meant to protect its skin form the water. The baby might also have some blood on him. If you feel uncomfortable with your baby being covered in gluey substance, let the birthing staff gently wipe your baby before putting it on your skin.

Your baby may have a full head of head or be completely bald and that is just fine. The hair color a newborn displays might completely change during its first year or so.

Black babies can be pale at birth and progressively darken in the next days.

One thing that should not alarm you is that from being exposed to the mother’s hormones, your baby’s genitals might be enflamed. Baby girls might even display a very small period from their vagina and that is perfectly normal.

Depending how long the baby stayed in the birth canal, its head might be a little or a lot deformed and will recuperate its normal shape within a couple of days.

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