Which Natural Childbirth Program Should I take?

Choosing a Natural Pregnancy and Birth Program

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Lily: I have heard that hypnosis can really help you during a natural birth.

Chris: Which course do you want to take

Lily: I heard that Hypno-Baby is pretty fun!  I want to have a natural birth with a hypnosis program. Can you find the Hypno-Baby website please?

Chris: Sure!

Lily: I heard hypnosis can help me to go through natural pregnancy and birth.

Chris: I also heard that hypnosis can help ease pain during birth. That is what you want, right?

Lily: I tried it once for fun and. It was great! I could not feel my hand!

Chris: Wow! It says on the Hypno-Baby website that the course was created by a family doctor who delivered 3700 babies hundreds with hypnosis. She even published a medical study about it.

Lily: YES! I want to start right away! This is exactly what we are looking for

Chris: I like that the birth partner has an active role and that I will finally get to understand hypnosis better. I was always fascinated by hypnosis and skeptical at the same time but the Hypno-Baby program was created by a family doctor and certified hypnotherapist so I know it will not be a fluke..

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Lily: I must admit, I am still a little scared of giving birth.

Chris: I’m here for you. With the help of hypnosis we can have a natural and comfortable pregnancy and birth

Lily: Okay. It’s worth a try.

Chris: Imagining you are in a calm, peaceful place. Imagine the room you are in is white, clean and spacious. It is filled with fresh air. You are safe and comfortable in this room. You are surrounded by soft light. This light is gentle and warm

Lily: Where did you learn that? I feel calmer already!

Chris: I am reading this form the Hypno-Baby website. Dr Fiset uses hypnosis to help with pregnancy and childbirth. It is helpful to reduce the discomfort of contractions.

Lily: But isn’t hypnosis just for stage shows?

Chris: No. Thousands of women gave birth naturally with hypnosis. They even did surgeries with hypnosis! Wow!

Lily: But what if something goes wrong? I mean, what if my baby is in danger?

Chris: Hypno-Baby clearly says here that they are not here to replace your caregivers and that you still need to seek the proper pregnancy care by a birthing specialist.

Chris: Lily, you are going to have our baby in 3 months but you are pretty stressed and worried about the nature of birth, so I suggests that you should try the Hypno-Baby program as it will help you to lower your stress and worry and have a natural and comfortable birth.

Lily: I am all for that! Let’s sign-up and start taking the course now.

Chris: We are taking the Natural Pregnancy and Birth course.

Lily: I am happy you found Hypno-Baby?

Chris: It is a program created by a family doctor and certified hypnotherapist to give birth naturally and comfortably! Come see all the testimonials. The website even says that Dr Fiset has a lifetime c-section rate of 10.1%!

Lily: That sounds wonderful! That is fantastic compared to the general rate of 30%! This program must work well.

Chris: Great! I’ve been reading up on it! Come sit next to me. I have signed us up. Let’s listen to the first lesson and learn who Dr Fiset is!  Take my hand and breath deeply.

Lily: Oh, it’s weird. Chris: What’s wrong? Lily: I feel weird.

Chris: Don’t be afraid. Take another breath.

Lily: No, I feel like i’m being lift up in the air.

Chris: It’s just a feeling. You’re still lying on the couch. Lily: But i’m floating!

Chris: It’s already working! You are calmer. I am so glad we are doing the Hypno-Baby program!

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