Does having a baby fix a broken marriage?

Does having a baby fix a broken union?


Having a baby is nto all roses and rainbows. The responsibilities, the tiredness, the stress can test an already weekened union.

You have to get away from the romantic images depicted in baby magazine where everyone is all smile.

You cannot bet that you will function perfectly as a family if you did nto work great as a couple. If anything, a baby amplifies the dynamic that was already present in the couple. If you were a strong couple, you will be a strong family.

If your union was rocky, it will be rockier with the arrival of your baby. You should seek counselling before the baby arrives.


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As a family doctor who delivered 3700 babies, I have seen couples madly in love and bonding during labor in a beautiful way.

On the other hand, I have witnessed couples fighting and screamign as the baby was born! Not good.


a baby does not fix a broken marriage


To sum it up, the birth of a baby has the effect of amplifying how the couple’s union was already. It the marraige was about to end, it could end it sooner unless you ask for counselling.

If the union was strong and full of love and communication, it will be stronger and full of communication with the baby as the cherry on top!

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