Should I choose a midwife or an OB/GYN?

What is best for my pregnancy: an OB/Gyn or a midwife?


Choosing between an OB/GYn or a midwife to follow your prengnancy and help you deliver your baby is a big decision.

First off, if you have what is considered a high risk pregnancy, you cannot be followed by a midwife. You need an OB/GYN to diagnose and treat your medical complications as they arise so that you can have a healthy baby and a safe birth.

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If you are havign an uncomplicated pregnancy, the option of havign a midwife is there. Make sure your midwife is a certified one and not self-proclaimed.

Some midwives work in the maternity ward at the hospital so that could be a compromise between the 2 worlds.


midwife or doctor?


The best option is to meet both the midwife and the doctor and then decide what service sutis your needs most. 

Make sure yoru insurances cover the costs of their services. Also make sure you feel respected and cared for whoever you choose between the midwife or the doctor to follow your pregnancy.

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