Giving birth Naturally Can Be FUN!

Having FUN While Giving Birth Naturally!

There are many, many ways to give birth. Hypno-Baby helps the labor process by giving you recordings and info that guides you through a deep state of relaxation. It helps you stay calm and open.

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Get ready for labor with the Hypno-Baby program! This fun program will prepare you and your partner for natural childbirth and pregnancy. It promotes positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle while helping to develop your relationship with your child and your birth partner.

Natural Childbirth is possible!  Hypno-Baby can help you get there.  Hypno-Baby is a very effective complete program for natural childbirth backep-up by a medical study!   It is developed by Nathalie Fiset m.d., c.h., a family doctor who is also an experienced hypnotist.  The program will help you feel confident and at ease with your pregnancy.

The Hypno-Baby program is an online course that gives expectant mothers the opportunity to learn hypnosis and self-hypnosis for pain management, stress reduction, and a better birth experience.

Fun Natural Childbirth Program

The Hypno-Baby program combines the power of positive suggestion with soothing music and relaxing imagery to ease your pregnancy and childbirth. Enjoy the recordings with headphones, and listen for the soothing sounds of a mother gently brushing her child’s hair with a soft-bristled brush or the calm waves of the ocean.

From the moment you create your Hypno-Baby account, you’ll have access to the online program that will guide you through the preparation for a fun natural birth. You’ll learn about your baby’s development, the changes you’ll experience during your pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, and relaxation and powerful self-hypnosis techniques.

Hypno-Baby is a hypnosis audio program that will help you have a natural, healthy pregnancy and a happy baby. It also includes a step-by-step guide to natural childbirth.

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