How to breathe and relax to have a painless birth

Is breathing enough to have a natural and comfortable birth?

Although learning to breathe and relax during labor and birth can help you towards your goal of having a natural birth, they are nto sufficiant to achieve good anesthesia and analgesia of your body.

You might be relaxed but you might feel the cotnractions and pressure of your baby’s descent as very uncomfortable if all you use are breathing techniques!

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Learning how to create anesthesia and analgesia of your body are techniques that you get to master in the Hypno-Baby program. You will be able to create the same level of natural anesthesia that they use to do surgeries without any medication!

breathing and relaxing are not enough to ahve a comfortable birth

Achieving deep levels of anesthesia and analgesia are taught to you step-by-step in the Hypno-Baby program so that you can have a safe, comfortable and natural birth!

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