How to get pregnant

Getting pregnant

Congratulations on your decision to get pregnant! You ahve to know that you might not become pregnant the first month that you decide to and that within 12 months, 90% of women get pregnant.

You also have to know that if you took a birth control method especially the slow release injections, it might take a while to get back to your normal fertility.

Also, the older you are, especially after 40, the more frequent cycles you have where you do not ovulate thus reducing your chances of getting pregnant.

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Things you should do once you decide to get pregnant

 If you are a smoker, you should highly try to stop smoking.
You should start taking folic acid to prevent some baby”s birth defects.
You should seek and find a doctor or midwife according to your choice and make an appointment to discuss your medical history and needs.
You should slow down or better stop alcohol, caffeine and raw meat and fish.
You should relax as much as possible as stress is related to a harder time conceiving.
You should keep track of your menstrual cycle and be more sexually active on days 12 to 16 before your period. it is advisable to have intercourse every second day to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.
Trust nature and realize that we are 8 billions on earth!

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