How to choose the best baby car seat

Choosing the best baby car seat

Are you planning to buy a baby car seat, but have lost in the many different types of car seats? Do not worry, here we will try to help you in making a decision, and remember: it is very important that you choose the best one as they are responsible for the safety of your child.

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The first thing you want to determine is you budget for your baby car seat. The second thing you need to decide is if you want a baby car seat alone or a baby travel system which offers a car seat that can be added to a stroller.

If you plan on using the baby car seat from a previous sibling or buying a used one, make sure that the expiration date has not been tampered with and is still in date. Make sure that it still is safe and has no broken pieces.

Most maternity wards, will offer to inspect your baby car seat for free.

When your baby is an infant, adding an extra head rest to support his head is a great idea. It is even more important if your baby is premature. Always make sure that your baby is comfortable while being well secured in his car seat.

At times, some older children tend to unbuckle their seatbelts and that should NEVER be tolerated as this could put his life in danger. The second you notice that you little one has unbuckled his seatbelt, you pull over in a safe place, stop the car and give your child your meanest look (its for his own safety). No need for yelling and absolutely no negotiating as this would become a recurrent problem. If you were going for a fun outing like for ice cream, suck it up and turn around without again yelling. That will drive your point to the moon and back!

The best car seat is the safest car that can be made. It has everything you need to get your baby home safely. It fits most vehicles, usually within a few clicks of a seatbelt buckle. Its installation is simple with LATCH or standard safety belts. If your child needs more room, you can easily adjust the harness height and head protection for their comfort.

Car seats are regulated and if they are for sale in big box store or Amazon, the odds are they have passed the most severe standard. Resist the urge to get a bargain by buying knockoffs or older baby car seats at garage sales. You would get pulled over and fines and worst put your baby in jeopardy.

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Choosing the right baby car seat for your little one can be challenging. Many parents don’t look beyond price and a fancy name. This leaves them with a subpar seat that may not protect their child properly in the event of an accident. In order to make sure your baby is safe during your family’s many adventures, it is important to purchase only the best, most crash-tested, and safest baby car seat available.

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