How to have strong sperm to get pregnant?

Guide to a healhty sperm to get pregnant

 Sperm has a 50% part in a healthy pregnancy conception. it is therefore important to have as healthy sperm as possible in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
It is advised to only have intercourse every 2 to 3 days especially around the ovulation period in order to ahve a more concentrated and viable sperm.
A man who wants to conceive a baby should stop smoking tobacco and marijuana.
Limiting your alcohol intake as much as possible is also recommended.

how to have good sperm to get pregnant

Like many other things, eating healthy greens and small amounts of frutis along with food rich in Omega-3 is a good way yo insure your sperm is vigourous.
Avoiding junk food has been linked to a healthier sperm count and motility.
Of course, it is well-known that steroids affect your sperm quality in a huge way and should be avoided at all cause.
Obesity is linked to a poorer sperm quality and is another good reason to lose the excess weight.
Sperm quality lowers with age but we all heard of men who conceived in their very advanced age.

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