Hypnosis birth: what it would look like part 2

If you remember, our future parents are in labor and very calm. They are applying the methods of self-hypnosis and natural anesthesia that they learned in the Hypno-Baby program. The woman’s cervix is dilated at 8 centimeters and she wants to get up during contractions feeling uncomfortable is lying down.

natural birth now

When the nurse asked them if they wanted the epidural, our future parents answered at the same time that they wanted natural childbirth which made the nurse roll her eyes and say Your water is not broken yet. You will be begging for the epidural or other pain killers when you water breaks.”

The laboring woman gave a worried look at her partner before closing her eyes and going into hypnosis as another contraction was coming.

Her partner touched her gently on her right shoulder, lifted the earphones she had on which was playing a mesmerizing melody, and whispered: “do not let fear and doubt come between us and our baby.”

She smiled and went deeper into a trance. She was in her perfect place and her partner and her baby were there too.

Peaceful birth

They decided to accept the nurse’s invitation to use the deep tub as the baby’s heart was perfect. In the tub, her partner gently rubbed her belly and made sure the water was at the right temperature by adding warm water once in a while.

She cried peacefully when hearing the fifth recording of the Hypno-Baby course which she had never heard before. It was heavenly. She felt an overwhelming sense of peace while listening to that beautiful healing mantra and harp that seemed to come from heaven.

The last contraction came with a powerful sense of pressure and she let out a muffled growl. Her partner looked at her with wide eyes….


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