Hypnosis questions

I often get the same hypnosis questions. Here are a few with their simple answers.

1) Can I get stuck in hypnosis? Of course NOT. Where would all those people stuck in hypnosis be?

2) Can the hypnotist make me do stupid things like quack like a duck? Of course NOT. When you see hypnosis stage shows, the people on the scene are volunteers. The hypnotist also has assistants (dressed in black so we do not notice them much) who remove the people that are not in hypnosis. Furthermore, the hypnotist does a “qualifying” test to see who will make the best subjects. He always chooses the person who responds highly to the small test.

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HYpnosis Questions

3) What if I do not want to deal with a hypnotist? Then self-hypnosis is a great way to experience hypnosis while keeping full control.

4) What is hypnosis good for? Hypnosis has been used successfully for pain control (including but not limited to childbirth like the www.hypno-beginning.com program), stop smoking, insomnia, stress relief, fear of flying, fear of dogs, fear of the dentist, almost any fear you can think of, etc, etc

5) Will I miss my baby’s birth if I am doing hypnosis? Of course NOT. Women who use hypnosis for natural childbirth are calmer and less tired so they can actually enjoy more the birth of their precious babies.

More questions answered on a coming post

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