Mood swings in pregnancy

Mood swings are part of pregnancy

You might have noticed that you start crying  for a McDonlad’s commercial one minute and then laugh uncontrollably the next. You are perfectly normal! Your homrones are out of balance and often you might lack sleep.

That does not mean you are allowed to say or do anything and then blame it on your prengnancy. You cannot become a momzilla! Think of your partner and go easy on her.

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What if things get out of hand?

It might happen that you do say or do things that you regret and have no clue what came over you. In those instances, forgive yourself and apologize to the poor person who happened to be on your path at the moment.

Do not worry, things will calm down after your baby arrives.

pregnancy and mood swings

These moods swings cautions you not to make any harsh decision either. If you have a big decision to make, I advise you to sleep on it.

They say never send an email angry and never make a big purchase when you are very happy!

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