How can I give birth naturally?

Giving birth naturally is possible

Hypno-Baby often receives emails from pregnant women interested in giving birth naturally. Before starting the Hypno-Baby online course, they are often stressed out. After they go through the course, most are so confident and relaxed that they have the most beautiful, comfortable and natural birth that they were hoping for!

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Sandy gave birth naturally

Hi, I’m a new mom. I’m a 24 year old pregnant mom who was hoping to have a natural birth. But, unfortunately, I am having an intervention birth. I can’t wait to see my baby for the first time but, I can’t stand the idea of being cut open and having trouble bounding with my baby after the birth.

I know there are many moms out there who have had natural births.

And, I want to find out exactly what they did. I want to know what exactly they were eating, how they exercised, what kind of massage techniques they used and what form of relaxation techniques they used to get through the labour process.

I am not interested in conventional methods. I would rather try and do whatever I can to have natural birth. So, if any of you moms can help… Please respond and let me know what worked for you.

After following the Hypno-Baby course, changing birthing center and hiring a Doula, Sandy gave birth naturally without any intervention!

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Easy, natural birth for a first baby

Right before starting the Hypno-Baby course, Sam was anxious and wrote to us:

My goal is to have my baby naturally without the need for medication. I’ve heard that natural birth is the best way to have a baby because it limits the risk of complications during labour. I want to learn powerful techniques so that I can have my baby without medication.

I’m worried that if I wait too long, I will risk having complications and interventions. I’m concerned because my mother had such a difficult birth, and got complications because of her age. I don’t want the same thing to happen to me. I don’t just want to give birth naturally, but I want my baby to be healthy as well. So, I’m worried about how much stress this is going to put on me. I want to spend my labour relaxing and having fun.

Please help me learn how to have my baby naturally. I really want to do it, but I don’t know how.

She gave birth naturally and felt that the course had released all her fears and tensions before. She is now a certified Hypno-Baby instructor and teaches expectant couples to prepare for a natural birth.

Getting prepared for a comfortable and natural birth

Yasmine felt isolated and anxious as she was away from her family and felt unprepared to give birth.

I’ve been told by my doctor that I have a 90% chance of giving birth naturally. So, I’m looking to learn how I can prepare for a natural birth. I’ve been dealing with a lot of back pain during my pregnancy and it’s really taking a toll on my life.

Being able to move comfortably is essential for a healthy pregnancy, and I want to be in the best shape possible for my labor. However, finding a good prenatal exercise class has be challenging. I’ve been looking for some time, and none of the classes I’ve been able to find are flexible enough to accommodate my busy schedule. I need someone who can show me a prenatal exercise class that I can do at home, or that I can take at my office. I want to be able to take a class that is both safe and effective.

When I found the Hypno-Baby online course, I felt relieved! Dr Fiset explains everything so simply and the exercises are so much fun that I did not realize how powerful they were until I gave birth! The staff at the maternity ward was jaw dropped when they saw me giving birth naturally while smiling!

Giving birth fast for a second baby in the best comfort

Hey, I am the mother of a 3 year old, and I am about to give birth to my second baby. I have been following you for a while now, and have learned so many useful tips and tricks about pregnancy. So far, as far as I can tell, my pregnancy has been pretty normal.

Even my doctor tells me I’m doing great. But, I’m a bit curious… It seems like every new mother I meet has horror stories about their labour. And, I’m worried that my labour will be much worse than it was with my first baby. I felt like I had no control and many interventions were done to me and my baby without being informed for my first birth.

If I could get some advice from someone who has been through a similar experience, I would really appreciate it. And, I would very much appreciate if you could share with me any tips you have for being able to have a natural birth. I am a strong believer in natural birth, but I’m also a strong believer in being prepared. If I’m able to get through the labour process with a natural birth, I would feel so much more confident and empowered. And, I know that would help me get through labour a lot easier.

She wrote us after the birth: WOW! My labor was so fast and actually fun! After following the Hypno-Baby course, I felt so confident in myself and my team. When they offered me the epidural, I smiled and went into a deep state of hypnosis. One hour later, my baby was born with absolutely no intervention. I was able to walk and go to the bathroom right after breastfeeding. I have one regret: I wish I had done the Hypno-Baby course before my first birth!

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