Seat belt in pregnancy

Should I wear my seat belt even if I am uncomfortable?

YES! There are NO ggod reason not to wear your seat belt even for very short trips. Wearing your seat belt ALWAYS can save your baby’s life and yours.

Asking for a medical exemption to wear your seat belt when pregnant is NOT a good idea. If you are very uncomfortable, ask someone else to drive you and find a ggod position in the passenger seat while still wearing your seat belt.

If you are very uncomfortable wearing your seat belt, ask yourself if you are still able to drive safely. You might need a chauffeur for a while if you are not able to check your dead angles or if the steering wheel is too close to your pregnant belly.

seat belt in pregnancy

You should wear your seatbelt the right way meaning higher strap goes above your collar bone and lower strap goes across your belly or pelvis.

Last, it is ok to give yourself an inch of loose by using a cloth pin to loosen your seat belt while wearing it. The safety mechanism would be triggered in case of an impact. Always discuss these issues with your doctor first.