How to know if my water broke?

Water breaking in pregnancy

When I was doing office during hot and humid summer months, often my patient would walk in saying that she was not sure if she broke her water.

Most times, I would check and her water was not broken. She was just very hot.

She then asked me if she could still go refresh herself in the pool. I answered that she could go in the pool or tub but to always have another person present in case she had trouble coming out.

She then asked me”:if I am wet coming out of the pool or tub, how will I know if I broke my water?”

First, your water is at body temperature so it would feel warmer than the pool or bath water just like when we were young and peed in the neighbor’s pool.

natural birth nowSecond, it is not a case of “hit or miss”. You would come out of the pool, change clothes and would notice that you are leaking, that your underwear or feminie pads are filling.

When your water breaks suddenly, you can also feel a sudden descent of your baby’s head as it is coming down the equivalent of the space the water bag was occupying.

In doubt, get checked at the maternity ward.

water breaking in pregnancy

Be aware that anytime during your pregnancy, you might have a leak and should consult right away as there are measures that can be taken to protect yourself and your baby from prematurity.

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