The top 5 traumas a woman giving birth should never be put through

A woman giving birth is, to say the least, vulnerable and most caregivers are aware of that fact and respect it. Sometimes though, people surrounding the woman in labor either lack experience or have an agenda of their own but there are traumas that a woman giving birth should not be exposed to. Here are the top 5 traumas a woman giving birth should never have to go through in no particular order.

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  1. Stress: a woman giving birth is already stressed by everything that is happening in her body and her mind. There is absolutely no need to stress her more. I am in no way advocating ignorant bliss but choosing words that will not trigger panic for the mother to be is a must. It is a known fact that stress triggers adrenaline and cortisol which can actually stop labor and can trigger either a spike in blood pressure or even a sudden drop in blood pressure, either way threatening the baby’s well being.
  2. Guilt: Guilt is often imposed on a woman giving birth either if she wants pain relief and said she wanted natural childbirth or if difficult choices are imposed on her.
  3. Ignorance: as much as stress should not be imposed on a woman giving birth, the same goes that she should not be kept in ignorance of what is happening. Most probably anyway she will know that something is not right and that will stress her more than if she was aware of the situation.Pregnancy and natural birth
  4. Humiliation: In the rush of a situation, a birthing woman could be exposed in a way that she would not approve of. Furthermore, talking down to a woman giving birth as if only the care provider holds the truth is, unfortunately, something that is seen regularly.
  5. isolation: a woman giving birth needs all the support she can get. it is a very demanding and beautiful adventure and support makes it so much mroe easier. Lacking the support she needs. Giving birth is a demanding situation and doing it alone is something that should never occur. During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, some hospitals around the world refused access to partners of women giving birth. Were they causing harm?

Nathalie Fiset, M.D., C.H.

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