What is the Lamaze Method?

The Lamaze Method explained

What is the Lamaze Method? The Lamaze Method (sometimes shortened to just Lamaze) can be used by pregnant women to cope with labor and delivery. It is also a technique that can be taught to partners, birthing coaches or doulas. This means that father-to-be and other partner can learn how to help the mom-to-be manage the pain of labor and delivery.

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“The Lamaze method is a particular approach to natural childbirth that was developed by a French obstetrician, Dr. Fernand Lamaze.”

The Lamaze Method is specially designed for pregnant women to prepare themselves and their partners with the breathing and relaxation techniques for natural childbirth. Contrary to what most people think, the Lamaze Method does not teach how to push, instead, it teaches how to cope with different pain management techniques.

The Lamaze method is one of the most popular ways to go through labor. It can help make pregnancy, labor, and the first days with a newborn a bit easier for both mom and baby. Basically, Lamaze is a combination of practical breathing and relaxation techniques along with education about childbirth. Originally developed in the 1950s, today it is offered by hospitals all over the country and available to anyone who wants to utilize its teachings.

The Lamaze method is a well established “natural” childbirth technique that has been proven to reduce the stress of labor and have a positive impact on an expectant mother’s overall health.

Lamaze Method

The Lamaze Method is a research-based program proven to help a variety of families and their babies reach their full developmental potential from birth through age 5. Created by Dr. Fernand Lamaze, the Lamaze Method helps parents to be more confident in their ability to look after themselves and their baby, with the ultimate goal of fostering happiness and lifelong well being for both parent and child. The Lamaze Method Common Sense Press series of books and videos makes this method available not only to professionals but also to parents who want to learn how they can provide the best possible care and education for their child.

The Lamaze Method is an effective way to give birth. This international bestseller has helped millions of women feel confident and in control during childbirth. It has been clinically proven to help reduce anxiety, pain and discomfort – making it easier for both mother and baby to have a natural childbirth.

Lamaze is the evidence-based, life-enhancing approach to childbirth and early parenting. Evidence shows that by using the Lamaze method, you can reduce medication and intervention during labor saving both time and money. The Lamaze International organization consists of over 2,200 trained professionals in 40 different countries certified in The Lamaze Method.

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