What to consider when expecting a baby

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The waiting period for the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for parents and our new baby advice guide will assist you in the planning for the arrival.

During this period you must to take the time to be sure that you have done all the planning necessary for the related expenses twith the new arrival and the expenses before the baby is here. There is no cheap way to have & raise a baby; it takes a lot of work and lots of cash as well as patience to have a healthy, happy baby. By the time your baby grows to be a teenager and then adulthood you will have spent many thousands of dollars on your offspring.

But if you wait until you have enough money as well as time and energy you would probably have no children at all and our new baby advice guide lists for you many ways to ease the financial burden to enable you to enjoy your new baby.

Health assistance – if you do not have it & cannot afford it the doctor’s bills can add up very quickly; this expense will be one of your biggest most probably so do not be afraid to ask for assistance from the relevant authorities.

Breast feed your baby if you are able – it is both convenient and it is free & it may also help prevent breast cancer in the future, recent studies show. Also it’s recommended as being the best form of nutrition your baby can receive. Of coourse if you are unable to breast feed, do not feel guilty. Do not forget to make an application to Women, Infants, and Children, a program designed to help low & middle income families with the educational resources needed as well as food supplies. Buying milk formula in bulk will also save you money, collecting coupons and free samples whenever they are offered to you. Food in the form of mil costs is an expense you cannot avoid.

Baby foods – when it comes to baby food, a blender is your best friend as it will help you keep this expense very low – and do not be misled: baby food expenses quickly add up. Not only is it much cheaper but it is also healthier than pre-packaged baby food. Save the baby food jars for use on quick trips or special occasions & give your baby pureed food made by yourelf. You can cook enough at one time to last a full week and put the blended food in ice cube trays for a few hours to freeze and then take them out of the trays and place them in a freezer bag for use later. Depending on your baby’s appetite and age you can easily microwave one or more cubes before meal time and then it is quick, healthy & inexpensive.

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Diapers – some brands are better than others but overall most of them are basically the same, except the price. Save a lot of money by using cloth diapers instead – it’s a little more work involved but well worth it in terms of the savings you will make. Prevent diaper rash – instead of taking action after your baby develops a rash, prevent it with a drop or two of olive oil applied to their bottom every time you change them and you will never have this problem.

Clothing – here is no need to buy any expensive designer clothing for your baby -no-one will really notice whether or not your baby is wearing the latest brand name. Babies look cute in almost anything so do not waste your money on expensive clothese. Why not see if you can get most of your baby clothing at yard sales or second-hand stores.

Toys – the latest and most expensive toys available are completely unnecessary. Use things around your home forexample, empty shampoo bottles, plastic bowls, plastic containers from food products that they can stack up without any expense to yoou at all. When buying toys only buy those that will help with the development of your baby more than simply something that is new and cute.

Wills Make a will or update your old will and include the name of a guardian for your child and the trustee of your child’s inheritance. If you do not have a will the court will name these individuals and divide up your assets in accordance with each state law which may not be the way you would want. Don’t avoid or delay this expense as your child’s future may well depend on it as we do not know what tomorrow holds for us. A simple will costs less than $200 and it is an essential expense you need to include when planning for your baby.

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