Hypnosis childbirth: what it would look like part 3

As you recall, our future parents are doing hypnosis for natural childbirth and are in labor. The mother-to-be was comfortable in the hospital’s deep bathtub while her partner was supportive and calm.

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Suddenly, the future mother let out of muffled scream “I wanna puuush!” She involuntarily starts pushing with her eyes wide open. Needless to say, she forgot to go in a trance during that contraction.

Her partner’s heart is racing and he pulls out the cord to call the nurse who arrives a minute later. A sense of panic overwhelms him as he sees a pink showing in the bathtub water.

She quickly assesses the situation and helps the mother out of the tub. “You must be fully dilated and your water just broke. The little blood is normal.” as she sees the mother’s worried face.  The calm tone of the nurse helps the future parents refocus and as another contraction starts, the mother rushes into her partner’s arms and closes her eyes while involuntarily pushing at the peak of the contraction.

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When they get back in their room, their doctor is there to welcome them with a big smile. A quick check by the nurse confirms that the mother is fully dilated and that the baby’s heart is normal. They try different positions to push the baby and alternate between lying on the left side, sitting on the toilet bowl, and on her hands and knees. The future mother is pushing well but since it is a first baby the descent is slow. She has found an image that helps her push her baby out every time a contraction comes around which is every three minutes. She closes her eyes and imagines that she needs to push open a solid metal door to get to her baby and she pushes hard. Her partner is holding her hands and helping her as much as he can.

After one hour of pushing, a stronger contraction surprises her as she lets out a loud “I feel a burn!”…


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